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Giving Back ...

The Sunday Social Club & Our Community

We believe having fun and doing good are not exclusive. That's why every event we plan for the Sunday Social Club has a community give-back element to it whether it's rolling up our sleeves and getting out in the community or raising funds through charitable donations at social functions. We're stronger together, Let's build a community we can be proud of and help those in need to find their voice in this world, as we've found ours! Join us!

We partner with a charitable organization in our community each quarter to help raise funds, awareness and lend physical support by having our members volunteer at the charity initiatives. If you would like to be considered for an upcoming project, please reach out to us to set up a meeting. 

Some of the initiatives we're passionate about:

  • Support Women + Men's Charities

  • Environmental

  • Education 

  • Poverty Reduction + Support

  • Arts + Culture

  • Science, Tech + Innovation

  • Animals

  • Healthy Living

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This Quarters Charitable Partner 

Our charity of choice for Q1 is Dress for Success Vancouver. Dress for Success is a community empowering women into the workforce by providing them with professional attire, career services, and skills development programs.

A portion of all ticket sales for our Afternoon Tea held will be donated to this great cause. 

***In addition, we will be accepting a donation on-site for the following gently used, clean items.***


  • Modern business suits and blazers

  • Modern and professional pants, skirts and dresses

  • Office-appropriate purses, jewelry, belts, and accessories

  • Professional outerwear

  • Professional footwear

  • Handbags (briefcases, portfolios or work-appropriate handbags)



  • Casual clothing

  • Items older than 3 years old

  • Items in need of cleaning or repair

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